Been Gone Too Long

It has been quite some time since there was a post. Life takes many strange turns but I have returned to the land of chocolate!

My latest favorite thing is to mix chocolate with different fruits. I have fallen in love with apricots! Dried dipped in chocolate is simply amazing. I know there are many products out there that have the chocolate and fruit together but be careful and read the label. In the past I mentioned how to read the contents of chocolate packaging. The same is true for the fruits. Many of the products use fruit juice to flavor the chocolate delights. I am a huge fan of the real dried fruit dipped in chocolate.

Most people know that strawberries and cherries are yummy dipped in chocolate. But did you think to try some others? Here are a few that I particularly adore:

To make these just find the freshest fruit in season, purchase some amazing dipping chocolate like Ghirardelli the dip away!. I like to serve them as a fun presentation such as a skewer. skewer

Godiva recently served their dipped fruit in a paper cone. AWESOME!cone

So as we move into the midst of the summer picnic season and the family gathers around the table. Enjoy the fruits of the harvest with a little chocolate!


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